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January 18, 2013


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Tomas Bob

GREAT VIDEO!!! GREAT JOB!!! Thanks for make me laugh

Marie Nix

Dear Stars of Work and Video,

Fred Nix is my Son. I knew all along he would make good, someday. What a video! And, oh, how adorable he is in his little bow tie! (Somewhere, there's a looong-ago Easter Sunday morning picture of Fred, that cutie pie; wearing a bow tie almost exactly like the one he wears in the video [suitable for blackmail, perhaps?]. Give me a call but make it worth my while.)

Marie Nix

Jason Boche

Top shelf Chad & gang.


Hey Chad,
I met you at a conference of EMC Israel as a customer, in that meeting you seemed like strange bird in the IT world.
This is the stuff that encourages creativity.
Great personal example and respect for the video, you made ​​me want to work at EMC!

Ben Hinkle

There are certain things that can never be un-learned; a gorilla dancing on top of Chad @ 2:05 falls into that category. Definitely a video that will live in infamy. Nice work!

Charles Hockenbarger

Chad, really? :-)

What in the world were you thinking, man? You never cease to make me laugh.

Nice job.


This kind of thing makes me glad I work at EMC!

Denise LeBlanc

Your video got a mention in the Boston Business Journal:


you rock man!

Viral Patel

Jim Millard

Not available on mobile?

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