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November 14, 2012


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Justin Valdez

So if we have the plugin installed, and are running the INYO code are we hurting ourselves?

Craig Stewart

Something worth pointing out for people reading this. The NFS VAAI Offload being used by the customer in question was something leveraged by View 5.1. From a VMware perspective this is an experimental feature and should not be leveraged in production, VMware do not offer support for this feature in View 5.1.


Bill Oyler

Chad, where can we download the new 5.1 and INYO SR1 certified NFS VAAI plug-in? The most current version on Powerlink/EMC Support is the v1.0 version of the plug-in.

Chad Sakac

@Bill - I've gotten some mixed reports recently of some people running into issues with the plugin. Can you stay on me, will get you an update.


Chad, I wanted to resurrect this post to find out if you ever received an update on the OE32 certified version of the NAS plugin. Thanks.

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