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October 09, 2012


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Lee Dilworth

vvol + vplex geo = nice!
vvol + vmax / vnx = can't come soon enough IMHO (for all storage platforms). managing at the datastore / lun / device level however you think about it is clunky and in-flexible. on a selfish note i'm just waiting for the replication support from SRDF, Recoverpoint etc etc. bring it on. not too distant future we are going to have a whole heap of new "options" for customers that will allow them to provision and protect the apps and vm's like never before.

Chuck Hollis

Chad -- you're right -- crazy cool!
Thanks for writing this up and sharing with everyone

-- Chuck

Nick Giudice

Some very impressive changes and demos. Will be interesting to see how storage systems balance the advantages of vVols while supporting the requirements of physical and legacy environments.


Chad! I was demoing this thing on VMworld today! It is so AWESOME!!!! :))) I love it!
Everyone was excited. Even HP tech guy :))))


Excellent write up Chad! I am in full agreement with Lee! vvols with VMAX is a home run! We also use recoverpoint, so once all that integration is in place, it may just be the utopia I have been waiting for!!!


Hi Chad,

Nice write up on vVOL. I wonder what you need to do on VMAX to able to see device as protocol endpoint on the ESX host. Is this regular device being masked via masking view?


Felicia Walker

When I was reading the article, I never though I could understand it because there were some parts that are not clearly stated. Good that there is a video that we can refer to.

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