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September 13, 2012


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Brad Brunner

Great Post! -

I am a barefoot runner as well (similar but slightly different that of Sebastian's minimalist shoes)- (wish I could post some pictures of my sandals & runs too) .... and have been for a very long time.

My coaching comes from the Tarahumara and Hopi of the great South West North America and South Central Mexico as we know these areas today. They always shared the secrets and information of running and surviving in a database of verbal and experience driven life. They and we have survived from a database of “if/then” and constant & in-consistant loops for better choices to make in the path.

Big Data & it’s availability often helps on my journeys of trail running via technology -whether it be Cloud provided GPS results or traded information of other runners on mobile apps, etc --- likewise we as decision makers we must also reconcile the instincts of proper decisions & values that have brought us this far in our own journeys of business and operational command.

This is where consultants becomes coaches. Or the Manager becomes the director of choices. it is not just the data - but the availability of the data - and it's proper uses. This is a great example with Sebastian - and helps us common people understand where this future takes a turn ...when we have the proper data to help direct our turns. If we decide to partake in systems that help us be better informed - and help us with accurate/available data - then we can become more successful. In my journeys / or Sabastian’s journeys of a race or an endurance run we are constantly faced with decisions for steps to take or paths to follow - and paths to create.

Overall - This is still a young practice to comprehend for the coaches and the students. But I believe if we continue to invest here – learning the value of Big Data - then we will have better success to return from the desserts of life and business. ...oh & I too am a proud EMC'er. Once EMC - always EMC - like the Marines. Much respect. Great share Chad!

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