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August 30, 2012


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How about ESX 5.1 and Clariion, in regards to the multipathing changes?


Hi Chad

This is really great news! I was just wondering if you use Round Robin on vSphere 5.1 with a VNX system, wouldn't that let I/Os go down the non-optimal path during regular operations? Or is that performance impact so little so that the benefit of easier management justifies it?


Chad Sakac

@Jason - great news for CX customers too. When configured with ALUA the same behavior will apply. Note, the fix that made it into VNX OE v32 will appear as a minor update to FLARE 30 (i.e. backported).

@Sam - the non-optimal paths aren't used for IO, so there's no downside (they are however there and switch immediately to optimal and active IO on trespass).

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