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August 27, 2012


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Cool stuff indeed. I've encountered issues in the past with vADP backups not working on certain virtual machines that don't behave well with VMware's software-based snapshots, and there was no way to use a hardware-accelerated snapshot with vADP. This looks like the solution, only wish it wasn't so far away!


Hi Chad,

It is a difficult IT paradigm shift for most people, but Data must be classified and treated with the right service-levels related to the true business relevance. The days of treating all data the same are quickly disappearing with big data and massive multi-tenant designs. VM Volumes are a step in the right direction and enable data classification at volume granularity. Over time it seems even a lower level of granularity will be required. The VMDK is quickly becoming the new “junk drawer” full of relevant and reference data all mixed together.

BTW – “IO Demultiplexers” may be technically accurate, but is the worst term ever ;)

Chad Sakac

@INDStorage - you got it. Trust me, we're working furiously towards this.

@Pete - I was actually using shorthand, vVols are actually at the VMDK level of granularity. If you look at the example in the video, there are actually several vVols created for a VM - for metadata and the VMDKs.

BTW - I TOTALLY agree that "IO Demux" is the worst term ever :-)

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