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August 27, 2012


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This is really cool...is this something that is avalable right now? Is it included in the Enterprise VMWare license like the old VDR or is it a seperate purchase?

Andrew Fidel

Chad, if you can comment when can we expect VDP's big brother? A product with higher VM count support and perhaps a handful of non-VM licenses sounds like a potential fit for my organization if the cost is reasonable.


Andrew, whilst there is no public information today about anything bigger, you always have the choice of going with EMC Avamar, which has the same fantastic functionality, but also support for much higher VM count, physical machines, applications, replication, etc etc.

Avamar is available in single node versions up to 7.8TB (pre-dedupe) and grids up to 124TB (pre dedupe), both variants can be augumented with EMC DataDomain systems for very large capacity demands.

Anil Bidari

To Matt :my below blog should answer all of this to you..

“Avamar and VMware Data Protection (VDP) are not competition, but should know differences between both”

Vmware at VM World -2012 announced an exciting next generation backup and recovery solution into VSphere 5.1 termed as Vmware Data Protection( VDP) powered by EMC-Avamar. The VDP replaces the Vmware Data recovery feature which was available in VSphere 5. VDP will be offered as part of VSphere 5.1 at free of cost in all the Vmware Essentials+, Standard, Enterprise and Enterprise+ VSphere licenses. .It would enable customers to do image level backup, self-restore and deduplication.

EMC Avamar on other hand is an Purpose Built Backup Appliance (PPBA), which has capabilities like image level and Guest level backup ( allows application consistent backup) ,with DR capabilities to replicate your backup data to offsite location. Avamar PPBA in addition to do VM backups can address many other use cases like physical servers, Desktop /Laptop , Remote Office Branch office (ROBO) and NAS data backup. EMC Avamar along with Data Domain actually leads the PBBA market worldwide with 62 % market share as per IDC.

It is important to understand the difference between both VDP and Avamar PBBA

For image on differences on both feature wise...please click below

grant albitz

IS backing up vcenter server itself with vdp supported? If you lose a datastore with a few guest vms and also vcenter are you dead in the water? It seems as if you need vcenter in order to initiate a restore which makes me wonder how this will work for your average small customer who probably would have all vms and vcenter on one san and then the vdp appliance on another datastore.


vDP is a great news because the Data Recovery appliance was quite disappointing.

I used to work on Avamar products but there is something I don't understand about vDP :

Why does it need 3 TB for only 2 TB of deduplicated data ???


Any idea as to if and when those Avamar PowerCLI scripts will be out?


Where I can find avamar.psm1 ?


Where can I find avamar.psm1 ?


and I too am wondering where I would find avamar.psm1...


Can you please offer a download option for avamar.psm1?

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