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June 04, 2012


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Chuck Hollis

Wow, I hadn't heard that either. I'm sure there are a few situations where it would come in handy.

I wonder what else is sneaking around in there?

-- Chuck


We need this for our NS-960, to be able todo multi tenant NFSv4, please.


Wonderful!!!! Few years ago I asked the same question to the instructor of the ILT - why doesn't VDM.

The mobility and DR for VDM looks good.


This feature is working fine. I'm using it on our VNX VG2. Nevertheless this feature currently is only available on CLI. One don't even see the VDM NFS config in Unisphere. I hope an update is coming soon ;)


Hi Chad.

Do you know if anyone has tested NFS on VDM and the VNX SRA for SRM 5.0 ?



Any chance a unique routing table per vdm is coming

Rob Bergin

Is this the VNX's answer to NetApp's Multistore?? And is there an equivalent to VDM on the VMAX?

Logical isolation at the infrastructure layer is pretty important to some of our customers who want an IP layer that prevents VMs from accessing stuff that they shouldn't.

With NetApp - we use Multistore to create different IP spaces on the same filer - if we can do the same thing on our VNX and VMAX - that would be ideal.

Doug Youd

Awesome. Thanks for sharing! Time to get my hands dirty :)

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