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April 13, 2012


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Lee Dilworth

the second doc is bit light on SRM deployment options! 1 page!!! :)

Also it doesn't really paint the full picture when it comes to SRM 5.0 and SRDF. As an example there are SRDF/STAR 3-site configurations that VMware/EMC support TODAY!!!

There is an excellent techbook EMC published on this recently so for any EMC DMX/VMAX customers looking to use SRM this is a MUST read:


you know me Chad i always like to bang both drums :)


That second doc, "Guide to Multisite DR for VMware ..." is the direct result of a hugely successful EMC customer POC. The doc captures what the customer wanted, why they wanted it and how it was then validated. The customer requirements drove the entire solution.

Chad Sakac

@Lee - thanks, and no worries, as you can tell from my opening to the post (SRM = answer for most customers), I always like to bang both drums too...

I can tell you (as I know YOU know, but worth stating for everyone else) - we're working hard to expand and simplify the 3 site cascading SRM solutions (without coupling 1-1 relationships). A center of that work is about some upcoming VPLEX goodness that will make 3rd site async work easily (and will require some heavy SRA work on EMC's end).

@Steve - I'm very glad that we're sharing our learning openly - it only helps the community as a whole! Keep up your good work in Cork!


@Lee. Bear in mind the second doc is now over a year old. At the time SRM wasn't a runner for a 3 site configuration. We were somewhat ahead of our time :-). To Chad's point, it was possible though complex - hence the ongoing work behind the scenes that he teases us with.

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