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March 30, 2012


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This is great. I like that EMC is not giving up on VSI and putting everything in ProSphere.

I do have one feature I would like to see in VSI or some other tool: When a VM is getting its disk from a VMFS that is getting LUNs from an AutoTier Storage Pool, it would be nice to get a report about what percentage of the VM's disk is coming from which tier in the storage pool.

Lee McColgan

VSI - Storage Viewer will give you the breakdown of storage by storage pool in MB\GB\TB, but just not as a percentage. So if your LUN (which holds a VMFS datastore and this virtual disk) is spanned across pools (tiers) then it will list each pool and show the amount of storage used by the LUN in that pool. The percentage would just need to be computed manually.


Nice that you can highlight the diffrent colors now ! //colorblind ;)


I have searched This plug-in it is impossible to find ? Can you provide a link,I have searched all emc site...


Also having trouble finding this Plug-in. Please post a link to the download.


I can't find the link for this anymore, I hate how EMC makes it hard to find its software.

Gabriel M. Schuyler

Found it!
* go to support.emc.com.
* login.
* click the "downloads" tab.
* in the "find a product" field, type VSI.
* wait for autocomplete to load.
* you'll see several VSI pieces to choose from.

just paul


I found it by going to the Search page on the support.emc.com portal (https://support.emc.com/search/#text=*&resource=ST) then filtering by OS -> VMware in the left column. In the results, sort by date (newest to oldest). At the time of this post, it is the second result from the top. The name is "VSI Unified Storage Management 5.2".

Note, this does not show up in the results when searching for VSI.

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