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March 19, 2012


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Giuliano Serventi

Nice demo, well done!

Keith Norbie

Totally agree with you Chad. Tools are key. Think about doctors, scientists, architects without their tools. You hit a bunch of great reference tools but how about discovery tools. I've been harping on that for at least 5 years. Presales needs tools to assess the environment efficiently. EMC has always lead the charge in the industry with FSA/ESA, perfmon, and VtV.

More assessment tools please for cloud, vdi, DR, etc.

Josh Rountree

Saw you at Varrow Madness, I enjoyed your keynote, good stuff!

Will Huber


I'm looking forward to seeing these sizing and config tools you speak of as a partner TC working in the trenches!

Rick W

Love the vLab demo. Care to share what's driving the UI and the orchestration (above the vCD layer)?

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