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February 14, 2012


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Brendan Clover

Is there any chance of the vLabs being made available to customers as well? Obviously there would need to be limitations but to have somewhere to learn and try things would be invaluable.

Unfortunately, particularly in this economic climate, our companies aren't prepared to purchase redundant kit just so we can 'test' things.


what happened to the "technical" Chad? To paraphrase an evil genius, "More Techie Techie, Less Marketie Marketie".

Tom Spreacker

I came to EMC from a reseller almost 8 years ago. EMC was, let’s just say, not at the top of the list for being "partner friendly". What a difference a few years make!! I have worked with Sun, HDS, Netapp, Symantic, STK, and Oracle as a reseller/partner. They have absolutely NOTHING to offer like vLab. Great way to brush up on your skills and then present to your customers on a "Live" system! #2 is Cool indeed.


vLab opens up to Partners >> That's a GREAT news !

vLab are so convenient, 2 clicks and you are able to try complex solutions such as Avamar or RecoverPoint :-D I just love that !

Thank you for your post/time.


Great stuff on vLabs Chad, glad to see this is finally open to partners. That being said, it wasn't quite as easy as it sounded in your post to register :) There is a field for "Partner ID" when you register. As a partner (and former EMC PTC) I can tell you "Partner ID" is nothing that I have ever heard of before and most if not all Partner SE's are not going to have any clue what that is. I couldn't find it in EMC Partner Central or on my Powerlink profile. Fortunately, my local EMC Partner TC (shout out to Matt Russell) got me the ID number I needed very quickly.

Christian Smith

Love the big data video. Great job Patricia and Mike P.

Giuliano Serventi

Patricia did very nice video, everyone in sale and presale should use this way as reference : 11 min of fun and vision! Well, the hardest thing here is having same whiteboarding skills in front of the customer so... let's play this video directly !!

James Haefele

Brendan.. I know it's not the end all be all, but if you invite your EMC TC over for lunch..not only can they buy you a sandwich, they can initiate a lab or two for you..just a thought!

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