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December 16, 2011


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Any idea when (if?) this feature is coming for the VNXe-series?

Chad Sakac

@Demian - thanks for asking. I'll double-check, but I believe the target for the NFS offloads and VNXe is Q1 2012.

Ed Grigson

For anyone wondering I believe the Netapp VAAI plugin will be included in the VSC v4 which is now in open beta. You'll also require ONTAP 8.1 which isn't out yet. My guess is Q1 2012 but I'm just a customer! You can read about the VSC beta here;

Jim Nickel

Is there anything available for other EMC products? Like the NS960?


Chad Sakac

Jim - the NS960 should be supported so long as you're on the latest DART rev. Check the release notes, but I'm 85% sure.

John Cousens

Hey Chad,
do you know if this plug-in is supported on ESXi 5.1? I just checked PowerLink and there is no new version available yet.

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