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December 16, 2011


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Rod Gilbert

Chad -
As usually, this is great information thanks to you and all the readers for their participation!!!


This is so cool I'm using it in my monthly company meeting tomorrow am. Well done!


Chad -
Very useful piece of information. Thanks for sharing this with us and more importantly, thanks for explaining the data.
On the mission critical apps: I wonder why the % of customers who have virtualized SAP and Oracle is only ~50 (good %, but can be improved) while that of those who have virtualized other apps is 75 or more? Do you have a feel for what is preventing customers from virtualizing Oracle and SAP? [Oracle, I can understand ;-) but SAP, I don't get it]


Great job, thanks for the info.


Great stuff. I see the last question as the most concerning/interesting as well. I believe the infrastructure-centric folks do get it to an extent, but it really is almost two different worlds. I see the a stark difference in the sense of urgency between infrastructure-centric and application developer folks. Infrastructure is still getting familiar with PaaS, and thinks this is way out in the future. While the application developers already have projects underway, many using some sort of PaaS already.

The divide between the two camps seems to be growing.

Evan Powell

Somehow I missed this excellent data until now. Thank you for gathering it and for publishing it.


Wow! Thank you for sharing this, Chad! I would love to grab the raw data, but the links are giving an error: 550 CWD failed: No such directory: /Home/vspecialist/Blogs/Home/vspecialist/Blogs/Events/Webcasts/Chads_Choice/Dec 15th, 2011/20111212160901-SurveyExport-public.xlsx

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