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September 13, 2011


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Bummer. No VNXe enhancements to support SRM 4/5 yet. :-(

Chad Sakac

@Rolltidega - sorry about that - updated to capture that obvious question. SRM and VAAI ARE taking longer than I hoped/expected - but we are finally getting close. See the updated post, and apologies it's taken us this long.


I can't wait till they actually start to support other browsers. It's been a while since I tried it, but so far my experience has been terrible for anything other then IE. Which cracks me up since they had that kid on stage using a iPad to change a drive. Must have been using VDI as that has been a total no go. Don't these people know admins have other OS's??? Ubuntu(and other linux flavors), Macs and (tablets) fans want this!!

Adam Van Haren

Is VAAI Support for NFS coming to the Celerra NX4 ?



is this beta software?


The latest release of the OE for VNXe is July 19th. I have checked on Powerlink and SupportBeta. Can you point me to the new code that you say was released on 9/13?. Thanks.


" “VAAI Block Zero” moving from the SCSI Write Same SCSI
operation to the more standard SCSI UNMAP command. All
this Support for Thin Provisioning Stun, and Thin Provision
Reclaim (some work still underway for EMC and other vendors
too on the HCL cert for this one)"

Are the features above ever gonna make it to the older CX4 CLARiiONs ? There is no mention in the newest release notes for the CX4-Bundle- ?

Mark Burgess

Hi Chad,

Do EMC recommend that we update all existing 3100s to 16GB of RAM?

Many thanks


Any document that explains how to configure VAAI for NFS?


Hey Chad,

Any idea when we might see support for FAST Clones on VNXe ? It would make our little test/dev block much prettier.


how i can turn on VAAI in my VNX 5100 ?

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