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September 21, 2011


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Would like to see the preso but the FTP link seems down



Links no worky! :) Help.

Mark Burgess

Hi Chad,

I had a few questions regarding the improvements that vSphere 5 provides with a stretched HA cluster using VPLEX as follows:

1. All the KB articles and best practices documents still refer to vSphere 4.1 - when will they be updated for vSphere 5.0?

2. What stretched HA cluster sizes will be supported in vSphere 5 (i.e. will it be bigger than the current 8)?

3. With vSphere 5 and VPLEX 5 are there any remaining limitations with stretched VMware HA clusters (clearly in the past you have not recommended this solution and I believe there were scenarios where HA restart would fail - you refer to the VM being in an indeterminate state when the storage is removed)?

4. Are there any plans for VMware to support round-robin multi-pathing with VPLEX?

5. What are the plans for VPLEX to support vCenter SRM and do we really need it - it would add considerable cost?

6. What are the timescales for VSI based VPLEX provisioning?

7. What are the plans to have a VPLEX GUI process (i.e. VSI) that will provide disaster avoidance and vMotion all VMs to the other site using DRS to balance the load - this would also need to change the preferred VPLEX site for the LUN?

8. What are the timescales for VPLEX to support VAAI?

Many thanks


Hey Chad,

This preso link isn't working either. Can you please post again?



Links to the pptx don't work :(

Content Master

Still waiting for a repost for the pptx, cant rate without it :)

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