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September 26, 2011


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Jake Roczniak

Partners can already get some of these charts by submitting a NAR file to the Data Profiling Assessments page. I cannot wait for it to be expanded in functionality!

Domenico Viggiani

I read the great series of articles about performance analysis by TheStorageSavy blog:
but the procedure to analyze raw data is not immediate.
A tool like this one could be very useful.


This is amazing Chad. As a customer I would love to be able to run something like this and get the depth of reporting you've shown without spending money on bespoke monitoring solutions. Can I bribe you for a copy!?
If this is offline and using fairly easily extracted NAR then i see no detriment to opening this to customer use, with the caveat that conclusions drawn may require expert analysis.

Nicholas York

Good to see my tool lives on without me. ;)

Nicholas York

And for the record, I was always in favor of opening it up to everybody, partners, customers, etc. I was even willing to release the source code so people could make their own edits. ;) The only problem was that I wrote this in a completely night and weekend manner, and then went and had a baby so my free time evaporated, so I wouldn't have had time to respond to people that had issues. But after I left, the Tools team stepped up and volunteered to take over, so now the decision making is in their capable hands. ;)

Chad Sakac

@Nick - should have known it was you! Great to hear from you - and hope things are going well for you - drop me an email....

It will be open to EMCers and EMC Partners, and am pushing the tools team (which are really stepping up) to make it wide open....


Wow thought I had found something really useful then, but as just a poor customer can't have access. Gutted!! We have navisphere analyzer, but this helper makes the data into something I could actually present to management, especially useful when looking to purchase more storage. Probably not the place to ask questions but is there a simple tool for joining nar files together to analyse a days data at a time?

Mark Burgess

Hi Chad,

Any news on a release date for partners?

Really keen to try it out.

Many thanks

Daniel Pfuhl

Hi Chad,

would be awesome to be able use this tools for creating the heatmap ourselves. We have serious performance problems since months from starting working with FAST II and need to escalate the SR again and again to get a heatmap for finding out the causes. Every time we lose time waiting for the analysis and we have been told that it takes ~8h work to produce the heatmap. So maybe there are circumstances where you can give the tool to customers if they are instructed how to use it.
We are heading for an DSE to get closer in touch with the support team but such a tool would be a powerful self help tool.

JS Labonte

This tool would be so useful in my shop... Sadly I'm only a customer. Hopefully EMC will realize there is a need for powerful tools like this one for some customers.

Jason Oliver

As a former EMCer, and now back as an EMC customer, I can say that this type of information is invaluable for help in understanding what is going on in an expedited fashion. It also help in creating the graphs for management.

If you are ever looking for a alpha/beta customer tester, PLEASE count me in!!

Jason Oliver

Andrew Williamson


Is this available to the end-customer yet, and how do we get hold of it if not? Not seeing it available anywhere on PowerLink...



Felicien Mathieu


If you are an EMC customer and would like insight on your data please contact your sales rep or TC. They will help you. I am an EMC TC myself and I do run analysis using this tool on a regular basis at a high level(Heat map, worst performing LUNs) this is free of charge, we are here to help!

If you are experiencing performance challanges also ping your TC, if you do not have a TC raise a call to support or contact your account manager. Someone will direct you in the correct direction.


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