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August 03, 2011


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Hi Chad

I'm an EMC Resident working onsite, and to use unisphere from home, I have to go from Workstation -> RDP -> vpn -> RDP -> RDP -> Unisphere. It is *incredibly painful* to use. I will try this trick and hopefully it goes well. I can't see any reason why the powers that be would make such a 'pretty' interface! We're techos, not fashionistas.

Other feedback would be the ability to make 'system list' the default front page, rather than the dashboard (only 3 of our 24 arrays have F30/D6, making dashboard useless). There are some other configurability (if that's a word) things that would make it nicer to use. I should start writing this down. Of course the problem is even if I had a list of issues, I would have no idea who to send them to.

Derek Seaman

Another tip you should be aware of is to change the "Experience" to "Satellite" in the RDP client. This provides RDP with 'hints' that can dramatically increase performance over high latency, low bandwidth connections.

Tim Oudin

You are not alone, an option to disable transition effects would be highly appreciated!

Marty Kilroy

You are not alone!

Thanks for this timely post. I was experiencing agitation when running Unisphere over RDP just yesterday. Personnaly, I would prefer no fades regardless of the capacities of my computing environment.

Ditch the fades altogether. Give me the most responsive UI possible.



Or use another display protocol such as ICA/HDX or PCoIP!


I agree the transition effect has zero purpose and makes the Unisphere interface very clunky and slow to use. One of the most important aspects of a UI is responsiveness. I think Unisphere fails miserably here, which is why I still prefer the old Java interface.

Bill Oyler

I agree 100% with the comment that the fades serve no purpose and just make everything take longer. Let's get rid of the fades entirely.

Tomi Hakala

I agree, transition effect is a PITA with RDP. I'd prefer to have it disabled by default.


please get someone to bring this to CX4!

James Montgomery

I found using latest RDP client server (7/2008 R2) combination lessened the pain.

But turning the fades off with the above makes it even better.

Thanks for that.

As for configuring this in the GUI - I see my new VNX/Unisphere has this exactly where you would expect it under options.


2+ years later & still no option to disable the useless dumb fade.

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