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August 29, 2011


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Hi Chad

For the VNXe arrays what about VAAI support for vSphere 4? Will this also come in 2012 or earlier?


Paul Whyton

Any idea when the provisioning wizard for VMware will support VMFS5? as currently it formats all volumes at 1MB for VMFS3 the max file size is only 256GB .

Dan Barr

Hi Chad, great to meet you at VMworld.

Only two compabilities are holding me back from moving to vSphere 5 - Avamar and the MirrorView SRA (using w/VNX5300). Any ideas on dates for those two? I see the VNX File and RecoverPoint SRA's have been released for SRM 5, but not MirrorView.


Nikolaj Tuxen Gerstrøm

Hi Chad,
What info will the VASA providor for block storage systems send to vSphere5?
How can this info (system-provided capabilities) be leveraged when using storage profiles in vCenter?



We have a Dell- EMC 10C , SAN which does not appear on VSphere ESXi-5 hcl, however it is supported on ESX 4.1, any advice is much appreciated.

Many Thanks, Upul



Any closer to having a date for SRM 5 with Mirrorview support? Specifically on the CX4.


Chad Sakac

@Rob - the MV SRA is literally in final stages with VMware - expected to pop ANY DAY NOW.


For those whose storage (like the EMC 10C) is no longer compatible with VMware 5 I wrote up an article on a good workaround here - involves a proxy between ESXi and incompatible storage:


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