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July 12, 2011


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Are you going to write a post about vsphere 5 licensing?


Will the new VAAI stuff also be supported by the CX4

Carlos Capellan

Hi Chad,

So I've been using Recoverpoint for a while and just came across an EMC doc that says that Recoverpoint DOES NOT support VAAI with the Clariion splitter (from RecoverPoint Replicating VMware doc, p.8).

Also, on that same page it's not clear whether I need to disable VAAI on my hosts ASAP or risk huge data loss, or whether it is totally benign to leave it on. An important point to clarify!

This is a huge bummer, especially after I went through the trouble of upgrading my CX4s to FLARE 30 to get the VAAI support...any word on when this might be supported? I really love the Recoverpoint solution otherwise, just surprised this big VAAI caveat has not been more clearly stated.




I know this thread is really old but I cant find information elsewhere so I thought I'd ask here. Is there a VAAI plugin for VNX and vSphere 6.0 yet?

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