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July 12, 2011


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Hey Chad - this isn't entirely accurate. I saw this yesterday and didn't bother to read it given it's clearly just a bunch of meaningless "we do it all better than anyone" chest thumping.

That said, number 7 is wrong. EMC isn't the only vendor to support stretch clusters and in fact I'm sure you know that HP has our multi-site P4000 LeftHand SAN as the only HCL supported stretch cluster and has been for a few years. I wouldn't expect you're marketing guys to fix this but it would be the right thing to do versus the "Only EMC" posturing that is wrong.
(Obviously, I work for HP).

Michael Surratt

Please reread item 7. It's entirely accurate. It is *not* making a claim on uniqueness of stretch clusters. I'm afraid you have misread the sentence. The uniqueness claim is with the storage federation in an active-active fashion (first clause of the sentence). That technology so happens to be helpful in stretch clustering (second clause of the sentence). The claim is about the storage federation capability.

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