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July 14, 2011


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There were lots of people stopping the EMC booth at Cisco Live looking at and asking questions about the VMAXe. Very well-received.


Are there any major differences in FAST or FAST policies between VMAXe and VMAX?

Still tiered in 7MB blocks analyzed every 10 minutes ?

Any roadmap for IP storage integration ?

Looks very cool though.


"Designed to be installed and in use in 4 minutes" : Are you sure :D ? It must be 4 hours ;)

david robertson

@sean it still uses the same FAST Policy mechanism, but the VMAXe is running the newest 5875 which i the Q2 release. It has some more FAST options than the previous version in 5875. But its moved at 756k blocks that are analyzed in groups of 10 at a time.

@richard, yes from putting on the floor to first IO in 4 hours.

david robertson

@sean there are some policy enchancements in the latest release of 5875 that comes on the VMAXe out of the factory, but not major feature changes. Its still move din 768k block, its scanned in segments of 10, and the time can be adjusted. No IP that I am aware of, we got VNX and Isilon for that!

@richard yes i think he meant 4 hours :) which is still really fast!

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