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July 06, 2011


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Greg Carriger

I really enjoyed the webcast and was amazed that there was no sales pitch. You can bet I'll be signing up for the rest of these. Way more useful than other webcasts with exciting titles having to do with weather patterns or accounting terms.

Daniel Pfuhl

Hi Chad,

that kind of information is really driving us forward. If we know the pitfalls we can navigate around them!!

Best regards


iwan 'e1' Rahabok

Thanks for sharing.
Followers can compare with one another by looking left, right, or to the front.
A leader does not as there is no one on his left, right or in front of him.


This is exactly the kind of information that we need and appreciate the most. In many cases, you only find out about this stuff after you experience a problem (often leading to an outage of some sort).

I hope this is the first of many, and that EMC embraces disseminating more information this format. Thanks Chad.


one correction, in the case of the Symmetrix VMAX, the XCOPY primitive will work in the case of SRDF (R1, R2), it wont however work in the case of Timfinder SNAP/CLONE

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