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May 09, 2011


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Andrew Fidel

Chad, so you're saying that they run a VSA VPLEX node which federates the VM data requests back to their actual VPLEX controllers? If so that's really, really cool but I'm unsure how applicable it would be to commercial workloads as most workloads that would require the kind of heavy lifting such an option would provide would also need storage bandwidth that would make it unworkable (at least the ones I'm familiar with). I guess one option would be to have a data only DR site where some/all of the compute capability is provided by the cloud provider, but then why not have them do storage for you as well?


VPLEX rocks ! #yam

Tim Kossack

Hi Chad,

any chance at least some of the functionality of vplex will find its way into the vnx plattform (especially since "VPLEX Metro" sounds a lot like "metro cluster" where you don't need a totally separate hardware for...;-)?
especially for smbs the cost of two different systems in order being able to run globally, maybe cloud-enabled dispersed infrastructures is simply to high.
is it right to assume that vplex and vnx are identical hardware-wise?
will this replace mirrorview etc. in the long run - maybe you could eloborate a bit more in detail which role vplex plays in the emc-ecosystem...

Tim Kossack

Hi Chad,

will at least some of the vplex-funktionality find it's way into the VNX(e)-series?
for SMBs like us, two different systems are simply not affordable...

Mark Burgess

Hi Chad,

I attended all the EMC World sessions on VPLEX and there were a few outstanding questions regarding VMware integration.

It was agreed you were the best person to help!!!

The questions are as follows:

1. Will vSphere 5 resolve the problem of VMware HA not restarting the VMs when the cluster is lost and the hosts cannot see the storage, you referred to this in the past as VM guest behaviour is “indeterminate” (i.e. using the new storage heartbeat feature)?

2. What stretched HA cluster sizes will be supported in vSphere 5 (i.e. will it be bigger than the current 8)?

3. With vSphere 5 and VPLEX 5 are there any remaining limitations with stretched VMware HA clusters (clearly in the past you have not recommended this solution)?

4. When will vMotion using Geo be supported?

5. When will stretched HA clusters be supported with Geo?

6. Are there any plans for VMware to support round-robin multi-pathing with VPLEX?

7. What are the plans for VPLEX to support vCenter SRM and do we really need it - it would add considerable cost?

8. What are the timescales for VSI based VPLEX provisioning?

9. What are the plans to have a VPLEX GUI process (i.e. VSI) that will provide disaster avoidance and vMotion all VMs to the other site using DRS to balance the load - this would also need to change the preferred VPLEX site for the LUN?

10. What are the timescales for VPLEX to support VAAI?

11. What are EMC's plans for supporting the VMware HA Application Monitoring APIs and is this relevant to VPLEX?

It's amazing how you can go to EMC World and this trigger even more questions!!!

Many thanks

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