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May 10, 2011


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Hoosier Storage Guy

A week ago I was wondering what possibly could be the big announcements for EMC World - EMC announced too much earlier in the year and didn't leave anything for the conference. I'm glad to say I stand corrected. Congrats on keeping the lid on Project Lightning so well. Plus, the VNX specific goodies are looking good. Still waiting on a few key things though, smaller auto-tiering chunk sizes and mixed RAID types within a storage pool come to mind.


Great POST!!!
Any details about the Cloud Tiering Appliance?
Availability? Interoperability? Scalability?


Dejan Ilic

Is the cloud integration completely transparent to the file-owners?
Do you still keep the files deduped and compressed in the cloud?
Are any of these cloud storage providers EU based (needed due to legal resons)?


I find it a bit strange that there is still no offering of the new Seagate 900GB 2,5" 10k disks with VNX. 25*900GB 10k in 2U.. now that's consolidation with speed intact.

Rover Ysea

VMX I see many improvements over the 2.5-inch disk.

I had hoped that the EMC World gave the announcement of the 2.5-inch drives for the VMAX. For this is a dust has with IBM and Hitachi storage.

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