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May 17, 2011


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CHorn and team, Congratulations! That was truly an amazing feat of engineering you guys pulled off! One had to see it to believe it. I salute you guys. I hope you are not reading this right now because you all should be on a tropical beach somewhere, mai tai in hand, with no cell reception...you guys deserve it!!!!


The labs were indeed awesome, and for me it was the experience of a lifetime to be part of this team. And I'm sure my own experiences ( http://basraayman.com/2011/05/14/post-convention-melancholy/ ) will only be blown away by the next time I'm lucky enough to work with you all! :)

Chris has done a great job writing this up, and even though I was there for part of it, I really enjoyed reading this writeup.

Randy Keener

Hey guys,

I will take being the target of your labs standard as a compliment! You guys did a great job documenting your accomplishements this year. Very impressive.

The guns. Almost the best thing about Vegas...

Wish I coulda been there.

Keep it fun!

Founder: VMware GETO Team ;)


Do you have the top#100 users? I have a chad buddy and i want to know my rank :)


Happy to see that Lord Tanner is part of Plan B :)


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