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April 18, 2011


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OS switch for v6? Can this be done and preserve the datastore/config on a current v5 install?

I assume (hope) that Gen 1 hardware is still supported.


Finally a TECHNICAL deep dive... I knew you still had it in you, Chad. Good job!


According to my notes, Gen1 is not supported. Gen2 and up for Avamar 6.

Dane Truhett

Great article! I do have a question that maybe someone of your expertise can answer. What would you estimate to be a reasonable amount of data a person could restore with Avamaron a straight client based restore. We are seeing VERY slow restore times on Avamar like a half a gig per minute. Literally 30 gig an hour. No way we can restore our large DBs for disaster recovery this way. You got any thoughts on this? The restore is a SQL database but we are also seeing slow times on non SQL....

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