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April 18, 2011


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Kris Cornwall

Chad, thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us. Hope Susan is having a fantastic day!


She looks too full of energy to have just finished a marathon ;-) Congratulations to her for qualifying for the Boston and for finishing with a great time! I just ran a tiny little 8k yesterday and a half marathon at the end of 2010. I'm signed up for the Portland marathon happening this October. I don't think my wife will be live blogging the event though.


That is a huge achievement indeed and I can imagine you are proud! Cute kids by the way :-)


Rick Walsworth

Chad - Great post, super accomplishment. Tell Susan congrats! /RW


Hi Chad,

I also work for EMC, here in Hopkinton.....Took the following pictures of Boston Marathon runners at 4th miles from the starting point...sharing them ...






Nice videos Chad which capture the atmosphere of the race.

You must have been really frustrated to miss Susan at 22 miles - it's not always easy being a marathon spectator either.

I liked the guy filming himself with his little camera as he ran off from the start.

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