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March 11, 2011


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Brook this Record:
1,000,000 IOPS in a 3U package!
The RamSan-630 offers 10 TB SLC Flash storage, 1,000,000 IOPS (10 GB/s) random sustained throughput, and just 500 watts power consumption.

•Capacity: 10 TB
•LUNs: 1,024 LUNs
•Storage Medium: SLC Flash

•Maximum Bandwidth: 10 GB/s
•Read IOPS: 1 M IOPS
•Read Latency: 250 microseconds (Not MiLiseconds)
•Write IOPS: 1 M IOPS
•Write Latency: 80 microseconds (Not MiLiseconds)

•Expansion Slots: 5 slots
•Fibre Channel Ports per Card: 2 ports/card
•Fibre Channel Speed per Port: 8 Gb/s
•InfiniBand Channel Width: 4 X
•InfiniBand Channels per Card: 2 channels/card
•InfiniBand Data Rate Standard: QDR
•InfiniBand Speed per Channel: 40 Gb/s


Disk Like SSDs aren't efficient. Maybe PCI-e...
Old Interfaces (SAS, SATA, SCSI, old Fibre Channel) can't solve the problem...


Wasn't it the RamSan that took Virgin Blue (Navitaire) off-line for 21 hours? And disrupted flights for days costing VB about $15M


Certainly NetApp have pointed the finger at the RamSan. Fast but not that available perhaps?

$15M starts to make any power bill cheap don't you think?



You also need to provide $/operations a second. Speed is one thing, but most customers do not have bottomless pockets.

Chad Sakac

@Nazareno - Ramsan, Violin and others are all very interesting, but have NARROW use cases (but where that's the requirement, are often good choices). Not saying they are bad, but rather that they are narrow use cases (they are missing many of the broad/general use case features customers tend to look for in "swiss army knife storage").

@SteveM - yes, it is. It is worth noting that every vendor has a bad day. It's happened to EMC, it's happened to everyone.

@Derek - SPC benchmarks have $/ops as a pre-requisite. SPEC doesn't . The config however, was not expensive. A 5 VG8's are not expensive, and note that the VNX5700's are priced where the CX4-480 was (in fact a bit below). The most expensive part of the config were the SSDs, but even they are a fraction of what they were 6 months ago. if/when EMC does SPC results, there will be a $ figure as part of the benchmark. I'll give you another hint (would make for a fun blog post) - the price is no secret. Ping EMC or an EMC partner and ask for a quote :-)

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