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February 11, 2011


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Preston de Guise

Chad - I'd humbly suggest that it sounds like you're laying the blame for FUD at the feet of customers:

"If only customers would consistently do that, the FUD flinging would slow to a crawl and stop"

I'm sure this isn't your intent, but I have to add - FUD doesn't originate from the customers: indeed, every customer I talk to expresses extreme exasperation at FUD and the continual vendor arguing that happens in just about every forum. Social media has, if anything, exacerbated this.

I am NOT laying the blame on any vendor here. In my experience, customers want to hear about each vendor's products from that vendor (and their partners) only. They smell FUD as soon as vendor X starts talking about vendor Y's products, regardless of who X, Y (or Z, W, etc.) are.

Nick Horton

As a customer of EMC what I want is simplified management. The Celerra interface was needlessly complex and did not logically flow. Hoping we upgrade soon so we can install Unisphere. Beyond that, I've used NetApp which has a simpler management interface. Hardware wise I don't notice a difference. It comes down to cost (you're both expensive) and management simplicity. With respect to your post, yeah the negative campaigning gets old. Thats why I don't read those posts at all. Give me facts or go home! Thanks for keeping your blog clean Chad. I truly appreciate the delivery of your content and professional/light hearted manner in doing so.

Chad Sakac

@Preston, Thank you for your feedback. I updated the post, as you're right - it didn't capture what was in my heart.

Chad Sakac

@Nick - thanks for the feedback. We have heard that feedback LOUD AND CLEAR. I think you'll like what you see in Unisphere - it's lightyears ahead of Celerra Manager and Navisphere (which, frankly, were quite archaic).

What I would love:

1) Post your feedback here after the upgrade.
2) Try the Unisphere vCenter integration (it's really easy)
2) I'll connect you DIRECTLY with the UI team and you can give them direct feedback for continuous improvement.

THANK YOU for being an EMC customer!

Jonas Irwin

Chad- a very thoughtful and sophisticed approach in general. Taking things out of context (with very transparent malice), particuliarlly when you’re talking about an industry leader like Pat, never looks good.. I’d even assert that using a form of libel against someone like Pat is equivelent to a personal attack on him. That’s a HUGE CLM (career limiting manuaver) because many industry people will invariably cross paths again in new interesting and unexpected ways. Being remembered as the guy who was attempting to smear Pat’s stellar reputation with unfounded, polarizing attacks won’t be fun for him. That day will come in one way or another for him – I’m 100% sure of it and it won't be pretty. I guess there’s always time to redeem oneself and admit error. It certainly might be uncomfortable at first, but in the long run it’s the right thing to do to attempt to restore ones honor (and spine of course :-)).

Btw - Have you noticed a very predictable pattern in these types of posts from one particuliar competitor? It's always amusing because the same 3 or 4 people always 'pile on" and say "yeah, boss, yeah... I agree 100% with whatever you said". They remind me of a bunch of mindless, groupthink drones. Some disagreement or individuality and at least the appearance of the ability to think independantly as people would perhaps make their scipted discussions more interesting..or more human for that matter. I’m not really sure who they are doing this stuff for – is it for us insiders to read, for themselves or for customers? Oh well..whatever the intent, it’s grown tiresome

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