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February 25, 2011


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Gathering the data now. We also have an NS-480 and an NS-120 that we use for production/development that I would be happy to try out performance tweaks on.


Working on the PS Scripts now.


Will be happy to help out either way, but would you ship an IX2 to Denmark?


This is a fantastic idea, and I 100% agree that using real (anonymized) workloads is the best possibly way to improve performance. I know that even as an engineer working for a competitor I love being able to get real workload data from a customer to size/optimize whatever they have (and maybe replace it, eh?).

BTW, its worth mentioning that the data from vSCSIstats doesn't include your actual data sent down the pipe, so its reasonably safe and you aren't giving anything private away. However, some (including myself) might consider the internal hostnames, etc. exposed by ESXtop to be sensitive. Maybe Clint/the other vSpecialists could right another script to take the data and scrub out the hostname fields to replace them with randomized names?

Jason Boche

I'd love to help.


Jason Boche

Sign me up for task #2 (optimization test on NFS).


Count me in!

Got awesome customers who might be happy to share their storage workload profiles.

Thanks for the freebie. I hope you can deliver to Belgium :)

PJ Spagnolatti

Count me in too! Using Celerra (ns480) nfs datastores for our dev environment. Would like to try the tweaks you mentioned.

Chad Sakac


@MillardJK is the first to post the data and I will be sending an IX2 shortly.

@Jas - Jason, the code is just about done, would LOVE your before/after feedback.

@Dpironnet - Thank you - I will absolutely ship to Belgium.

@PJ Spagnolatti - Thanks. Please post your "before" data on the forum thread as per the document!

@Matt - Thanks. Please post your "before" data on the forum thread as per the document!

@Steve - Thanks. Please post your "before" data on the forum thread as per the document!

@Tom - I will absolutely ship to Denmark, we are a global community, baby :-)


Count me in for the first task


Just posted the data for your first ask, will run another sample next week where we should be at around 100 VM's.
For your second ask we have a second environment wit 3 ESXi's where we can do some testing.


Supra The Penny

The drive to succeed comes from the burning motivation to achieve a function. Napoleon Hill wrote, Whatsoever the imagination of dude can consider and think, the brain can achieve.

Mark Burgess

Hi Chad,

We are looking at away of generating a report either for all Datastores or VMDKs (aggregated across all hosts) as follows:

Read and Write IOPS, Bandwidth, Latency (Avg and Peak)

I understand from talking to one of our engineers that this not possible from vCenter or CapacityIQ.

I also see from the vSphere 4.1 Storage presentation:

"Not available in this timeframe: Aggregation at cluster level in vCenter (possible through APIs)"

Do you therefore no where we can get scripts that will use the APIs to aggregate the statics and give us a break-down of all Datastores and VMDKs?

I assume in vSphere 5 that the Storage DRS feature will use aggregated Datastore statistics and that this information will then be in vCenter.

Many thanks

Chad Sakac

@Mark - if you take a look at the scripts posted at the Everything VMware @ EMC community (link in this post), you'll find that they can aggregate storage performance stats across a number of hosts. We're working to add some visualization based on the raw data.

@Andi - thanks for posting the data! will send the IX2, and the update is now out - process on how to get it coming shortly.

Sam McGeown

Posted data yesterday for the ESXTOP stuff, the vscsi data seems to have gone wrong somewhere along the lines - running for a little longer under production load :)


Barry Weeks

Hi Chad
We have a mix of IX's, CX's and hopefully a soon to be delivered VNX for our lab environment. Happy to share stats and get steers from VMware on tweaks. I am trying to build seamless solutions for the branch office and the data centre with maybe IX's onsite for local storage with the option of cloud storage expansion to a DC hosted VNX or cloud backups to a DC hosted Atmos solution using just VMware and EMC products and also trying where possible to avoid client software and do everything at the hypervisr or storage layer. It's proving a challenge even though everything is single vendor. I have had a sneak peak at the new cloud lifeline interface on the IX and noticed the EC2 and Atmos icons. Iomega are giving us the SDK to see what we can do.

Marty Kilroy

I'd be happy to help.

Marty Kilroy

I am not a daisy person.


Just want to link the conversations ... http://virtualscoop.org/?q=blog/1



For the second task would the optimisation work on NFS datastores hosted on a Celerra NS42G with a DMX backend (rather than CX ?) ? i.e is the tweak in the Celerra?
If so I am more than happy to test.


Count me in for task#1. I'll post the data as soon as I can.

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