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January 31, 2011


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Thank you for sharing this insightful and "fun to watch" video. Wow! Looked like it was a fun project.
Tonight's gonna be a good time...


The trip through the Symmetrix build facility is hilarious :).

Can we get a duet with you and Chuck? That would be classic and go down in blog history, I think!

Jay Weinshenker

Ok, I admit, I'm impressed. I didn't really believe any large company had a culture like that any more.

Oh, and given the greenplum videos, much thanks for not saying a peek under the kimono.

Aaron Skogsberg

That is awesome Chad! Did I really see Brian G chest bump? LOL!! We work hard and we have FUN doing it.... Thanks for sharing.





That was awesome, very fun video!


I wantt to work there.

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