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January 18, 2011


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Andrew Fidel

One thing I've never understood is why you can't put more cache ram in the mid level offering. You're using industry standard servers and ram is cheap so why can't I get an array where 99% of my read requests are serviced from cache instead of 95% (just an example) without paying a small fortune to move up to the bigger heads?

vishal kumar

Hi Chad,

So what is VNX running on? FLARE, DART or CenteraStar ? Could you also explain more about how it can scale. i.e. how many SPs/DataMovers/Centera Storage / server nodes?



Hi Chad,
I've been invited as customer @ EMC Italy in order to view the EMC Roadmap some months ago. I was advised about this new generation "Clariion" and they told me that FC disks will not be available anymore on our mid range storage.... I was wondering that was a joke... How EMC can ask to their customers to throw away all the existing DAE and disks (in my case more of 13x DAE3P/4P) and asks to buy new SAS splindles without re-using our old disks (I've already did in the past when I moved from CX3 to CX4)?

How much SAS will cost? In Italy I've just bought 600 GB FC 4 Gbps for 1400/1600 € per disk!

Mike Dunn

Where could I find which exact (not just intel 5600) model proc is in each model of the VNX family?


Mike Dunn


VNX is running FLARE...


@Andrew Fidel -- this is the whole point of FAST Cache (or at least most of the point). While you can't increase the main array cache, you can augment it to pretty massive degree with FAST Cache.


I hope new DART works as active/standby mode within two data movers. So we can distribute works loads on two data movers, just like we spread LUNs on two SP of VNX. It's really good for small setup with only two data movers.

And I really hope DART has scale capability, scale up, and NAS cluster, but not sure if it still fits the marketing strategy.

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