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January 28, 2011


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Stuart Miniman

While Intel is the market leader for Ethernet (and 10GbE), for FC customers that are looking at converged networking, Intel is not the incumbent. Both Emulex and QLogic have LOMs that can provide the full suite of protocols - iSCSI, FCoE, NAS, LAN - too. Pricing for Intel isn't even better than many of the options out there. I did a full write-up at http://wikibon.org/blog/hp-and-intel-help-open-the-fcoe-market/ - it's my take that this is a big deal, but it's likely going to take Intel a couple of years to prove themselves to the storage (SAN/FC) teams and Emulex and QLogic will be working closely with customers and partners (EMC still uses both in plenty of embedded solutions) to not get steamrolled by the juggernaut.
As for VMware, it is more than a simple qualification, there would need to be code in the hypervisor, so if you'd like to share how any future releases would impact this, would be great to hear.

Chuck Hollis

Chad -- I forgot all about that dialog over three years ago.

It looks like that -- yes -- iSCSI and NAS protocols will probably be greater than FCoE revenues by the end of 2012, but that will largely be the result of unmigrated FC. Looking back, it has been tough sledding for FCoE: stalled standards, missing functionality early on, and not exactly a boatload of clamoring customers as a result.

I should start picking out that bottle of wine for you ...

-- Chuck


I agree that iSCSI will take over fiber channel and that FCoE is a great technology. The Intel X520 is a great entry level product. I would venture to say that most Storage Administrators would spend the extra couple hundred dollars to get a Qlogic or Emulex CNA though.

Brian Johnson

Come by the Intel both at Cisco Live in London this week or the VMware Partner Exchane in Orlando next week to see OpenFCoE working in VMware. I will be demonstrating it in a technology demo at both events. I am showing the X520 adapter running both iSCSI and FCoE concurrently.

Brian Johnson
Intel Corp

Andrew Fidel

Yes, but it would be a MUCH more difficult story to sell the $1,200-1,5000 cards if the 2-4 on-motherboard ports were already CNA's. This is where I see a huge potential win for Intel, they take back marketshare from Broadcomm and from the CNA vendors. Of course it's going to have to be a lot less than $400 per port before HP et al change over from Broadcomm chips that cost them probably way less than $1 per port.


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Ethernet's been blowing them away for a while now.

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