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November 10, 2010


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Bob Plankers

Chad, it's really too bad the EMC sales people don't read your blog.

John Martin

Hi Chad,
You need to be careful about putting words in other peoples mouths. I was there, so I'm can say that the assertion that Vendor B said that "Auto-tiering was rubbish" is incorrect. I also looked at @jpwarren's twitter feed and I didn't see him make that assertion there either.

I did have a slide that was deliberately contentious and designed to stimulate some debate. It was entitetled "What's not so hot" which included the following bullet points.

Old school bulk copy backups
Stub based archiving
Physical Tiering
Closed “stacks”
Scale-out for performance
Compression/Variable block for primary
Databases as blob stores
Badly designed ethernet storage networks
8GB+ Fibre channel

That's not saying they're rubbish, but that compared to other approaches like say megacaching or converged networking and other really high value technologies they're "not so hot".

For more information on what was said, I'd recommend looking at the subsequent blog posts and the subsequent follow-up posts.


Chad Sakac

@Bob - thank you. I try man, I try. Many of them do. My philosophy (again, not claiming attainment of nirvana here :-) is "be the change you want to see in the world".

Many EMCer DO read the blog, and hey, if it helps them help their customers the right way - man, that's great.

@John - thanks for the comment. I tried to be clear and used the "seemed to me" words loud and clear, and heavily emphasize that I wasn't there.

I would love to hear from @jpwarren or @rodos (as I'm sure you and I are biased).

I would argue with you on many front on your list (and agree with many other items on the list).

The key point of the post though, WASN'T the SNIA thread per se, rather that: we ALL (you, me, everyone) tend to think the stuff WE have is "hot" and discount what others have. For example, man, for customers I talk to:

- For many, Scale-Out performance is HOT.
- For many, inline dedupe (particularly around backup) is HOT HOT HOT.
- For many, NAS primary storage dedupe is HOT HOT
- For many, BI/DW appliances are HOT HOT HOT.
- For many, storage Auto-Tiering is HOT HOT.
- For many, server-based SSD (think Fusion-IO) is HOT.
- For many, converged infrastructure (as a product, not a reference arch) is HOT HOT.
- For many, Object storage is HOT HOT.
- For many, orchestration is HOT HOT HOT.

There's stuff on that list EMC does, and there's stuff we don't. There's stuff there you probably disagree with, and I bet it has a high correlation with the items NetApp doesn't do. I probably discount the things EMC doesn't do.

I think that's an instinct we need to fight.

Collin C. MacMillan

Spot on, Chad. Long-winded version here:



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