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November 01, 2010


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Jameel Sarangi

Great video. Thank you for posting it for those of us who couldn't be there.

Alex D'Anna, Virtual Instruments Solutions Consulting

Really terrific video, it's great to see VMware and yourself taking such great steps forward to solve the ongoing storage problems that exist in so many infrastructures. Also thanks very much for the mention of Virtual Instruments Chad starting at 55:20! You're spot on with your comments...unlike any other VMware Partner, only Virtual Instruments can find the I/O bottleneck resulting from VMware deployments in mission critical applications. It's good to see an expert like yourself validate what we are seeing in the marketplace...until the I/O visibility issue is solved, customers will continue to be challenged with virtualizing mission critical applications on their FC storage!

Craig Sanderson

One of the best Storage / VMware discussions I have ever sat in (even though I wasn't there!) Great that this was recorded and shared. Great question on VMFS and striping and can't wait to see what changes you alluded to that are going to occur with VMFS. Also a nice breakdown of VAAI and the primitives, good to know as we look to go in that direction. Most fascinating was the question on end to end I/O and not being able to see into the SAN fabric and how this causes performance problems. As a SAN admin I would love to know more about what VMware are doing with regards to looking into the SAN fabric and how this could possibly integrate with VAAI and SIOC.
Overall highly enjoyable and recommended viewing!

Chad Sakac

@Jameel, @Alex, @Craig - THANKS!

It really was a great session - was very glad to be there, and look fwd to doing it again!!!!

Vmware certification

Great vid. Thanks for posting. Any resource is a good resource.

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