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November 10, 2010


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Jason Boche

I'm getting drunk to this blog post.


when will oracle turn around and make the official certified platform for vmware to virtualize their Oracle RAC solution?

Avram Woroch

I work at a company that's been looking at Oracle on VMware for a while now. There was an older document that said pretty much the same thing. What is the part that is new?

Gabrie van Zanten

Great news!!! Next step: Oracle licensing for soft partitioning virtualization! Two customers with big VMware clusters running Free ESXi just to run an Oracle VM on :-(

iwan 'e1' Rahabok

Thanks! Great news. I was just advising partner that "Oracle does not support RAC" less than 2 hours ago! So now we can come back and revise the solution :-)


Thanks for the good info. Maybe one day Oracle will even join this decade and update their anti-virtualization enterprise licensing model so we can look for ways to increase our Oracle footprint instead of decrease...

Paul V (sysxperts)

Thanks Chad, but I have to disagree that this is good news; although it may seem Oracle is making progress in giving customers what they want by handing out little bread crumbs, they are consistently engaging in monopolistic and closed philosophies. See http://arstechnica.com/open-source/news/2010/11/apache-foundation-to-vote-down-java-7-protesting-oracle-abuses.ars regarding Oracle's field-of-use restrictions in violation of JCP governance policy. They are virtually threatening the openness of Java so I say nay to anything Oracle does and fully recommend a boycott of their products and membership of JCP as Java stewards.

Jay Weinshenker

Great news. I'm just glad to see Oracle is listening to their customers requests. I think the next great hurdle will be to get Oracle to recognize the DRS Virtual Machine Host Affinity Rules in vSphere 4.1 as hard partitioning.

Thanks for any work EMC did to influence Oracle.


Its only a matter of time before Oracle wises up and realizes that no one want their rebranded Xen virtualization and want to standardize on a real Virtualization platform.


I fail to see what's new about this document. I agree with Avram Woroch's post above that this is not new but has been the support stance Oracle has had for quite some time now.


"Maybe one day Oracle will even join this decade and update their anti-virtualization enterprise licensing model so we can look for ways to increase our Oracle footprint instead of decrease..."


Huge victory, however, for those of us that took a giant Leap of Faith in VMware and our virtualization talents to go ahead and do it anyway!


It can be done.


@Avram - Biggest difference is that the Metalink note was originally only for single instance Oracle. The note has now been updated to include RAC -- which is H U G E


When will EMC and VMWare advertise this. We know Oracle will not.

Chad Sakac

@craig - I doubt that they will, Craig :-) They of course own OVM :-)

@Avram @Dave - as Rick points out, the main thing is that RAC now has the same support model - which I paraphrase as "not certified (but then again, Oracle only "certifies" it's own stuff) but supported, they reserve right to point out if it's VMware (and ask you to repro on a physical". The repro on a physical is easy if you design right (and those EMC/VMware docs I point to show you how to do that).

That's a big change.

@RD - funny enough you ask - we are working on the EMC ad campaign now.

@Paul - I kinda agree (and this move, while good, is still one move). I just think it's more productive to provide both positive AND negative feedback. The carrot and the stick work better rather than just one....


Just curious if happen the Oracle RAC running on VMware, oracle will only support on the DB and RAC level. In that case, it did not solve the concerns of the users who will not want to take risk on the production system. I hope they will make VMware certified to run Oracle RAC officially :)


We must not forget this, back in 2007:

In this transcript Larry Ellison, Oracle CEO, answers John DiFucci, analyst at Bear Stearns, about support policy for VMware customers:

John DiFucci: Okay. And, the second question one. Your one stack message, although it does resonate well, I think. But, some of the exclusivity that it implies or, not only implies, but with the Oracle VM message that you only support Oracle products on Oracle VM and not on VMware.

Larry Ellison: Oh, no, no, we aren’t — we clearly support — we only support –. Lots of people are running Oracle products on VMware.

JDF: Exactly. So…

LE: That’s cool. And, it’s great. Our strategy is to be as… is to be open, and to support as many different product as we have… and platforms as we can.

JFD: So, if a customer has a problem running on VMware and — with the Oracle database, then call for support, the support will be given in that kind of configuration?

LE: Yes, essentially, yes.

Source: http://virtualization.info/en/news/2007/11/oracle-further-clarifies-its-support.html

Shruti Bhat

Chad, Great post. Just blogged about this topic on the VMware apps blog and referenced this post (as well as EMC's Oracle virtualization campaign)



This is an excellent article.
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Vladimir Grigorian

Srinivas Vasa


Do any one have template for auto installation Oracle11g in 10 VMware RedHat linux 5 machines in one click.

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