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November 18, 2010


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Oh yeah! I made it into the lab picture and on Chad's blog!! Woohoo!!


Great presentation! There was alot of good information.


Thanks for another blog full of great information. I am interested in your comment on slide 38 of the Powerpoint presentation regarding making the datastores big. From what I understand, you are suggesting the underlying LUNS should be presented at the maximum size (i.e ~1.9TB) to VMWare, however in the Using EMC Clariion Storage with VMWare vSphere document (pages 156 - 159), the suggestion is to use smaller LUNS spanned to create a large VMFS and even using metaLUNS at the array level to improve performance by increasing the spindle count. Just wondering what your thoughts are behind using the larger LUNs?

Mark Vaughn

Chad, this is why you rock. No marketing, no mess, just providing great insight on amazing products and letting the chips fall where they may.

We need one of these in Dallas, gotta work on that with out local VMUG. If they won't do it, maybe INX will sponsor.


I made the photo also. It proves that I was at the VMug and not off somewhere slacking off. :) And of course Chad's presentation was over the top.

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