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October 28, 2010


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Bevan Anderson

Westpac are not using VBlock. Anything closely resembling the technology stack is yet to be implemented. I call shenanigans!

Chad Sakac

Thanks for the comment Bevan. I was personally with a variety of the Westpac team while in Sydney ranging up to the CIO team.

They also comment on it themselves here: http://www.itwire.com/it-industry-news/strategy/42402-westpac-deploys-vce-private-cloud

Note - It's not my intent to overstating the case. They (like most big customers) - use many technologies, and are in various states of use. Outside their VCE activity, they certainly use NetApp as well as EMC storage for many uses.

Please, a request. I would suggest disclosure. A quick google search/linkedin look suggests a strong NetApp affiliation. When I comment on posts that are work related (or at a competitor), I always disclose that I'm an EMC employee.

Just seems to be the right thing to do - no?

Ben Di Qual

Chad is definitely correct about the large companies having a range of Storage vendors. My wife works for CBA and they have NetApp, IBM and HP (and probably more). Different parts of large companies have different affiliations, knowledge and requirmenets hence different technologies.

I happen to know Optus for their internal IT and mobile/internet services such as mail, hosted webpages etc (external public cloud? saas? - pick your term) run it on NetApp storage and HP servers. Yet when AlphaWest/Optus built their private cloud offereing, demoed at the second keynote, it was built around VCE. All about the best solution for the specific requirement.

BTW Chad - sorry I missed you for a beer at vforum - left early on second day.

Disclosure: I work for a HP, IBM and NetApp partner in Sydney in a pre-sales role and formerly was affiliated with a EMC partner

Eugene Z

Chad - the current deployment is a Frankenblock. Saying that, it certainly won't be the last or the only one.

Chad Sakac

Eugene, thanks for the feedback. For the reader's benefit - Eugene is at Westpac. VCE encompasses V,C,E technologies (Frankenblock), and Vblock (more focused, pre-tested configurations).

For many customers evaluating Vblock, many of the earlier examples have been more "frankenblock", as the integrated manufacturing, single SKU, single ordering are things that have matured over the last couple of quarters (as the customer requirements became more clear).

Thank you for being a VMware, Cisco, and EMC customer. I hope that we are serving you well (and if we fail, you know how to get a hold of me :-)

btw, for all the hyper-sensitive competitors out there, I should explicitly state that my comment - and I'm sure Eugene's as well - don't imply that they as a customer use VMware, Cisco, and EMC exclusively


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