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October 19, 2010


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Don't forget the new Connectrix Manager 10.4 vCenter plugin that gives administrators proactive SAN monitoring capabilities and end-to-end visibility through the storage network. These plugins augment one another nicely!

Joe Houghes

Quick heads up. The link for the EMC Storage Plugin does not work. You have an extra space after 'vmwarechampion' in the URL.

Glenn Anders

The "You can download a STEP-BY-STEP HOWTO document here." link does not work..I really would like this as I have run into issues trying to get it to install.



hello Chad,

i have the VSI 3.0.1 now. SO if i install this new EMC unified plugin, i can do all that VSI now does through this new plugin? in that case one would not require the VSI moving forward.
My clariion at the backend is not the Unified model. It is SAN based.


Hi Chad.

I tested this fantastic plugin in our vSphere 4.1 and vSphere 4.0 and works well, but, when I do a provision storage Disk/LUN, it creates always a thick lun (CX4-240 with flare 30). I prefer to create thin luns for datastores, but this plugin dont have option to select it ¿it is correct?
I follow your fantantic blog, and I think you recommend use thin luns a array level.

Thanks four your impresive work.

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