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September 22, 2010


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David Pasek

I'm really interested in VMware/EMC plans around embedded encryption and UIM plans. Would be nice to have more info. Thanks, David.

Steven Nekava

I'd like to hear more about these two topics:
# DRS for storage – if SIOC/FAST are the early implementations, what’s the longer term plan?
# Changes in core best practices based on latest VMware/EMC stuff (aka, how do VAAI and the FLARE 30/DART 6.0 features change traditional best practices)


In the era of Cloud Computing security is a hot topic, so the "VMware/EMC plans around embedded encryption" is really a big challenge. Is there any plan to use VAAI for encryption ? Is there any plan to enable to change the encryption algorithm included in the storage array (as the encryption algorithm is country dependent)?

Mike Sims

I would be interested in hearing more about EMC plugins for vSphere Clients. I know it is simple, but you have expressed surprise that more customers are not using them, even though they're free.

Many of us are reliant on storage admins to help with getting this working. It might be easier to convince them if we had some neat info about how easy it is to do!



What I'd like to hear more about:
- Storage Virtualization
- Host Based Replication for SRM
- next steps Mirror View SRM/SRA for CLARiiON
- vCloud Director Integration
- FAST II Integration

Thanks in advance!



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