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September 09, 2010


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Great videos!

1) GREAT music :)
2) The vSquirrel in black catching 3/4 balls is clearly a ringer! :)
3) Why wasn't the vSpecialist gorilla playing?!?


No offense but u guys totally suck at throwing, u need to start hitting the weights! My highschool youthgroup throws about 10x harder than that.

Christopher Wells

Awesome post and awesome time Chad. I love my double-dragons in the pic at the bottom (in front of our fearless mascot). You said: "make it look crazy"; I went for mental hospital psycho, apparently. Hilarious and priceless. Hope we can do something similar in Las Vegas next year. Thanks again for organizing and showing us a good time ;)

Jay Moore

Nice job all of you guys, even the mental hospital psycho guy.

Mike Foley

That was such a fun night... Thanks to Chad and Hoff for pulling it off. And for Nick for keeping my one and only good play in the video! :) (when I bumped the ball up in the air)

Chad Sakac

@RogerMoore - you are TOTALLY correct. There were a couple of folks who could throw, but the majority of us really REALLY sucked.

But hey - that just adds to the ridiculousness of the whole deal :-)


This was an amazing time. I made it out for the game w/ Lane and had a blast shooting some of the video. I just wanted to capture a few of the v0dgeball rule mods:

1. Taunting is encouraged
2. Headshots are fine
3. We play with more balls than most

Thanks to Hoff for the inspiration, Chad for the execution, and everyone for having so much fun and being great sports.

Jay Weinshenker

Who would have thought that you can't find a true squirrel outfit in San Francisco?

I'm sure if there is a v0dgeball at VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas that I can find any furry costume I need...

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