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September 06, 2010


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Jeramiah Dooley

The value for me (the customer) of forums like this revloves around the LACK of a vacuum. Sometimes vendors feel free to...take liberties with reality...when they are the only one talking. That's not possible when many of your competitors are represented more than competently on one stage.

Personally, I was impressed with how well both NetApp and Dell came across. I am more familiar with the EMC product set and story, but I was impressed with how passionate (and aggressive) those companies were on stage.

HP comes across (in my opinion) as the loser here, although that may (hopefully) change with the 3PAR acquisition. They just don't have the horsepower to compete with the EVA line at the same level as EMC and NetApp, and they haven't advanced the LeftHand stack as far as Dell has with the EQ product line.

Overall, this was a great forum for THE CUSTOMER and I feel certainly needs to be done again when possible. If you think you have the best technology you should be willing to stand up and debate the issue face to face in a professional manner. My hat is off to all four of you.

Austin Workman

Blue Shirt, Blue Hat. That's me. I got a lot of camera time.


im no expert and have no field experienc whatsoever. however, after seeing this video, i know why EMC and NetApp lead, and dell too in the frame. And yeah, HP was certainly not attractive at all!

I work for EMC.

Jonas Irwin

This was great. Yes, do it again!

Ray Lucchesi


I came in at about the halfway mark and stayed for the rest of the session. I thought the answers were to the point, nobody took any cheap shots and the questions were stimulating. All in all a great tech session. I vote to have it again next year.


Chad Sakac

@Ray - thanks, glad you liked it. I think it was good for all also....



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