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September 06, 2010


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Jason Boche

Very cool! I think I speak for many when I say "Thank you EMC for your contribution to VMworld (among other things)!"

I've got more reading to do as I thought FAST was only for the Symmetrix family.

Brian Tobia

Awesome numbers! I attended Dan's session which gave a bit of insight on some of the hardware backing the lab infrastructure, but to see these kind of numbers is very cool!

I also want to echo Jason's comment here and thank EMC as well as all of the other vendors and VMware for the lab setup this year, it rocked!

So once VMworld Copenhagen is over, does this gear find its way into your personal lab? :) It'd make a nice addition!

Chad Sakac

@Brian - the kit is going to Oracle OpenWorld this week, then right on to VMworld Copenhagen.

After that, I'm pushing to have it "accidentally" find it's way to the Toronto lab location :-) "Honey, don't mind the giant 2 x 40U cabinets at the front door....!"

Chad Sakac

@Jason - FAST (Fully Automated Storage Tiering) is available at the file-level today and sub-LUN level today on EMC Unified, and will be available soon at the sun-LUN level on EMC VMAX.

The thinking in the halls of hopkinton is that rich, functional (but ridiciulously simple to the point of invisibility) automated tiering is one of those "gotta do it" features for all storage vendors.

We lump those into what we call "data services" (along with compress/dedupe, local and remote replciation, etc).

As much as possible, we are working to make sure that none of those will be "just on platform ____", but rather universal, though obviously differing requirements translate to operational envelopes that differ at different scales.

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