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September 09, 2010


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Dominic Rivera

I'd like to see some integration with PP/VE, right now the monitoring tools around PP/VE ( for vSphere admins ) are to put it lightly "lacking". I'd also like to see the licensing for PP/VE to move into the vSphere realm where I import my licenses through the vSphere licensing mechanisms and not have to manage a VM just for PP/VE licensing.


Hi Chad,

I'd like to see an integration of the clariion Mirror View configuration features to ease the complexity of setting up all the requirements for an automated fail over using SRM. Today it's a very complex procedure to prepare the storage to work with SRM smoothly. Would be fine to have some kind of wizard for the admin picking the options to set up mirrors, consistency groups, storage snaps and affiliation to the right storage groups for the mirrors. We have some ideas on that since we went to a planned fail over and fail "back" with more than 100 production VMs. There was a lot of handiwork to do to make this running fine. Would be fine to share these thoughts with you...

Chad Sakac

@daniel - have you looked at MirrorView Insight for VMware - DOES EXACTLY that (you can search VirtualGeek for it, or just google it). Checking to see on vSphere 4.1/SMR 4.1 support.

Thanks for being a customer!


Do you have an idea when we might see MirrorView Insight for VMware support for vSphere 4.1/SRM 4.1?

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