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August 18, 2010


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Man - sounds like way cool people, but I don't know Wade O'Harrow, so looks like I shouldn't be there :)


wow.... what an elitist-minded blog entry... ouch. negative points, Chad.

Chad Sakac

@sketch @Mcowger - guys, my sincere apologies if it's hard to follow, or that it sounds elitist.

Not my intent - at all. This event is a smaller (150 people) one designed for the VMware/Cisco/EMC folks standing cheek to jowl every day trying to fight a good fight together - and not a mass audience. Just like a birthday party, you can't invite the world :-)

The open invite is the EMC customer appreciation event I posted earlier.

I struggled a bit about "how do this" (i.e. open up the communication that this party is going out to the world). As it stands, Wade's been HAMMERED with requests (a function of the internet).

If you know EMC's email format (which you can figure out from my "about" page), you can email Wade.

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