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August 17, 2010


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Hey Chad - looking forward to meeting you at VMworld (though we met ever so briefly last year when you stepped out of the podcast booth with Troyer).

Interesting data but I'm not sure the data on server vendor is relevant. I just attended an HP partner event (Nth Generation) and they asked a similar question and the percentage using HP servers was well over 75%.

Much of the other data is interesting so thanks for sharing it.

BTW, I keep waiting for my invite to the EMC party at VMworld and I haven't got it yet! I know we have a CX somewhere around here....

Chad Sakac

@HPStorageGuy (aka Calvin) - I remember meeting you well, in fact, we met last year twice (2nd time was at the top of the escalator as things were wrapping up).

I hear you, like I said, I bet my data has some sample bias (based on the fact that readers of the blog already self select for a bunch of criteria.

Don't get me wrong, it's pretty good - 100+ samples, good global cross-section, good size cross-section. Heck, I've seen paid analyst stuff with less breadth :-)

Still - there is that sample bias.

Likewise, I would say the same is likely true of an HP Partner event - likely to bias higher for HP.

I will share EVERYTHING as soon as the survey is closed, no edits, no filters.

Looking forward to seeing you again at VMworld - I will happily get you in (somehow, we're crazy overbooked) to the EMC customer appreciation party.... Though.... the one YOU really want to get into is the 2nd annual vGeekfest. Yes, there will be a more exclusive party for VMware, Cisco, EMC vGeeks like us, and I'm always a believer in being open and friends even with respected competitors... Haven't announced the details yet, but will tomorrow.


How nice of you to remember - I wasn't even on the VMware community map until after VMworld last year so I'm surprised and honored that you even remembered meeting.

I was being flip about your customer party but since I know so many in your army, I'd love to drop in to your vGeekfest and say hi. How can I get an official invite instead of trying to crash the gates?

I'm also looking forward to the Storage Super-Heavy Weight Challenge (Wednesday at 3 PM in Moscone South Room 301). Tom and Cody had reached out to me and offered HP a seat at the table with you and Vaughn. I know you and Adam have worked together in the past so I'm looking forward to that session. Hopefully, Adam can get something into the conversation between you and Vaughn's jabs. Regardless, should be fun!

See you in about a week!

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