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August 30, 2010


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I can't believe you are taking this potentially transformative technology, and all you can think to do with it is show compliance with a bureaucratic sludgefest like FISMA. The whole notion that a computer acquires magical security properties solely by virtue of being located within the holy borders of the USA is unworthy of serious engineering effort. Hopefully you can come up with a more relevant demo soon.

Chad Sakac

@Hal - thanks for feedback. I hear you, but sometimes the easiest way to make people understand something new, is to relate it to what people are challenged with, and believe me, they are challenged by these "bureaucratic sludgefests" that constrain them from using public clouds.

(BTW - FISMA has peer rules around the world, in fact Europe is leading the way with restrictive rules about information created in country staying in country).

Believe you me, we have a million cool ideas about how to leverage "hardware root of trust", this is just one of them.

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