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August 22, 2010


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Christopher Kusek

Love - Love - LOVE the transparency of the survey!

I would love to see another one of these again with a collective in the 500-1000 range for another view of diversity of responses!

Perhaps a collaborative initiative to promote it :)

But nonetheless, absolutely amazing content, responses and thank you to everyone who filled this out!

Maish Saidel-Keesing

Thank you Chad for publishing this information.

The data will be very valuable to EMC and other vendors to see what they can do to improve and where their efforts should be directed at.

But it also provides good information and directions for the VIadmins as well.

Yogesh Sharma

Would it be possible for the report findings to be published as a downloadable (printer friendly) PDF?



Account Deleted

Excelent Report, amazing advantage of EMC in the storage segment.


Fantastic reading! Amazing Chad. Thanks a lot. Good to see EMC rocking the virtual world! :)


Nice results, a little tip tho, since it's "all 100% anonymous" you should probably remove the IP address from the raw data.


Love the survey and thanks for posting this!

One quick note about the use of vCenter plugins. When I filled out the survey (in a rush) I was thinking of more generic plugins such as VUM as opposed to more robust SAN-integration plugins. I suspect that I may not be the only person that made this error.

Chuck Hollis

Chad -- you've got another career in the making should you decide to be an industry analyst :-)

No, seriously, great questions, reasonable methodology, wonderful interpretation, great transparecny -- a must-read for anyone doing work in this space!


-- Chuck

Jason Jensen

Nice. Thanks for posting these results.

One question: What are these vCenter managed datastore reports that you refer to?

Jonas Irwin

Chad - this ranks up there as one of your best posts. How long did it take to put this one together?


On one of the last feedback items, someone asks for the answer to all questions... The answer to the ultimate question is 42.
Thank you, Douglas Adams!


Hi Chad
You've mentioned the new vCenter Managed Datastore Reports now a couple of times (this post and 5 Best Practices Webcast) but what exactly are you referring to?

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