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August 24, 2010


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Mike Foley

Wow, your basement is getting very populated! :) :) :) (of course, I'm just joking.. We all know it's Jason Boche's basement! hahaha)


Hi Chad,
nice post as usual :-)
maybe you want to update the older posts with the details for todays announcement.


I love the fact that you were thinking about it 2 years earlier. Someday I will be a vSpecialist, part of a team with an influence. I love what you folks do over there.
At the moment i'm just a mere VCP & CCNA.
What would be most beneficial to the team... VCAP-DCD/VCAP-DCA or CCNP or other?
Feel free to email me.


Since I have a new, yet to be powered up, CX4-240 (waiting for Flare 30), and connecting to a new Cisco UCS, I think you should consider sending me a couple of the new FCoE cards and I'll put them into production with the rest of the system!


One more question...

Do the FCoE cards support the use of SFP+ CU (copper)cables or is it optics-only?

Stuart Miniman

Thanks for the updates Chad - good to see EMC delivering, especially w/ the option for older systems. NetApp may have had a lead in shipping native FCoE, but the ecosystem wasn't really ready for end-to-end. It's getting there now w/ additions such as VMware certification of FCoE (avail now), UCS supporting direct array support (expected in Sept) and core directors (Cisco Nexus 7000 and Brocade DCX) supporting FCoE starting to become available. Look forward to hearing from customers on the journey to convergence.

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